Top 5 Seafood Dishes to Try in Spain


Spanish Dishes You Should Try. Spain is a beautiful country that is well worth visiting. Its history has produced some of the most outstanding monuments in the world. Even though, there are many things that are unique about this country, today we are going to speak about one of them – the food. As you perhaps know, Spanish cuisine is quite varied and healthy. I’m sure that more […]

Cómo descargar e imprimir las agendas digitales compradas en Etsy

Travel Planner Kit printable

Cómo crear un recambio de hojas para tu agenda. A veces, las cosas simples nos pueden parecer complicadas. Hacer tus propios recambios de agendas no debería ser problemático. Es hora de liberar tu imaginación y creatividad. Aquí tienes los pasos detallados sobre cómo descargar, imprimir, cortar y perforar tus plantillas de agenda. Estas instrucciones también […]

How to Track Your Savings Using Financial Planner.

Budget Planner

How Do I Track My Savings Goals Want to keep track of how much you’ve saved towards your upcoming bills? This is the right place for you. We will talk about how you can take control of your financial life and manage your money and resources effectively. Today I would like to introduce Saving Tracker printable […]

How to Download and Print Digital Items Purchased from Etsy

Goals Planner Printable Inserts

How to make your own planner refills. Sometimes simple things may seem complicated. Nevertheless making your own planners refills shouldn’t be problematic. It’s time to free up your imagination and creativity. So let’s begin! Here we’ll give you the detailed steps on to how to download, print, cut, and punch your personal size inserts. These instructions will also be good for A5 […]

Planificar y Organizar mi vida. ¿Por dónde empiezo?

Happy Planner

Cómo elegir la agenda perfecta para organizar tu vida Hola, chicas y chicos. 🙂 Hoy vamos a tener un post en español para variar. Bueno, la verdad es que me resulta un poco más fácil escribir en mi lengua casi casi materna 🙂 Como os indica el título del post, vamos a hablar sobre las […]

How to Use the Wheel of Life Balance

Life Balance Wheel printable

Introducing the Wheel of Life – A Self-Assessment Tool Hi there! Today I would like to tell you about one great tool that I use every month, the Wheel of Life Balance. What is the Wheel of Life Balance? The Life Balance Wheel is one of life management techniques. It can greatly increase the level […]

How to Change Margins or Borders in PDF.

Instructions How to increase Margins or Borders in PDF.

How to Change the Margin on an Adobe PDF Let’s imagine that you’ve finally found your perfect planner pages and you just purchased it and then suddenly realize that the size is wrong. That the inserts you purchased were designed for another binder. Do not panic: this article will help you to adjust the print setting according […]

How to Print Filofax Personal Inserts on A4 or Letter Size Paper

The Wheel Of Life Balance Printable

How to print two pages on one sheet of paper. So you’ve got your digital personal size inserts and now the question is how to print them on A4 or Letter Size paper to fit your Kikki K or Filofax planner. In fact, it is easy. You just need to follow these simple instructions: Steps: